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I Am a Woman, a Mother, a Friend, a Lover, an Actor, an Artist, a Writer, a Painter, a Producer, a Motivational Speaker, a Healer, a Survivor...

and a Gemini!!!  I have a lot going on in my world...  

2014 is all about Self-Love, Self-Realization and Self-Fulfullment!!!  Please... share your testimonies!!!  I'll definitely share mine!!!


Heaven Hi!!!

Tangie Ambrose

Tangie Ambrose


What is 'Heaven Hi' all about?

When I first moved to LA, I realized I was greeting people saying 'hell low'.  'Hell?'  'Low?'  'Hello'? 

I didn't want to say that anymore.  I wanted something that made people look up... think up... feel up!!!  So, I prayed and asking for a new greeting.  And that same year, 1994, 'Heaven Hi!!!' was born!!!

Today, 'Heaven Hi' is so much more than a greeting!!!  It is 'Totally Tangie'!  And a perfect representation of the blessings I find in everything--the good, the bad, and the ugly!!!  I name it all good!!!

What you are seeking is seeking you!  So go on out and think some loving, happy, prosperous, healing, abundant thoughts and together we will create a loving, happy, prosperous world....

I'm sending you love!!!

Heaven Hi!!!